Thursday, December 3, 2009

Let The Stretching Continue,What A Steal!!!

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So today was a pretty successful day, well most of it. I went shopping In Little 5 points today,I've actually gone shopping alone its usually with friends but I found it to be a fun experience. None of the usual breathing down your neck commenting on your ever purchase or the feeling of being rushed to buy whatever Shirt Jean combo comes first....I believe I spent 45min to an hour looking at everything Rago-Rama(one of our best thrift stores in Atlanta) had to offer, I ended my shopping purchasing a pair of jeans which I've desperately needed and a rare/lucky purchase a pair of Doc Marten 1490 8eye boots for the price of only $24 wow I know... my face caved in too. After I left Rago-Rama I headed across the street to Kolo to get my 8gauge plug I've waited so long to get...thats been my day pretty much...
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  1. wow, that's amazing, $24!
    they're usually very expensive.
    great buy :)

    Theory of a fashion victim