Friday, December 18, 2009

Nick Mullins Day HD

Nick Mullins Day video in HD from Steve Staffan on Vimeo.

Filmed / Edited by Steve Staffan
Song - Metric "Help I'm Alive"

Few Months old but a sick vid indeed..

Skateboarder Nick Mullin barely survived a severe case of staph infection but his is pulling through.Nick got the staph,possibly,from a bad scrape he had in his hip, which got worse from not treating it right ( thanks to a bad hospital ). He has been fighting for his life , and has pulled through even against the odds. The doctors told him he had a 1% chance of living. Well you see what praying can do. Nick is also currently unable to see out of his right eye, and can only see things blurred out of his left. He’s still recovering and has some obstacles to tackle, but hopefully it will help him to know the whole skateboarding community is rooting for him

viaSteve Staffan

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