Saturday, December 5, 2009

Zoë Kravitz, My Imaginary Girlfriend

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Zoe Kravitz, man why can't she realize that I exist!!!!! I have a monster wanna share Crackers and Capri Sun? crush on her! If only I could talk to her for like 5minutes I swear the future would be different lol. So I had a dream about her that seemed to be so real oh man when I woke up I wanted to cry as my imagination kicked me out of my sleep and into reality..In my dream she was In my band, or I don't think It was my band because Joe and Corey weren't there it was some other guys, I guess I was in her band Elevator Fight. So her and I were holding hands as we walked down these stairs in a NY subway and I saw paparazzi out of the corner of my eye. I whispered to Zoe, do you wanna go the other way and she said, "lets have fun with them give folks something to blog about". So we started to waltz and then that turned into her and I grabbing paint markers and we did a mural on some wall then we started what was the best kiss of my life lol it felt 10x more real than the way the keys of the keyboard feel on my fingers..we were ,making out for a pretty long time..then our train came and I grabbed my guitar(funny because I don't play guitar) and we got on the train and she kept looking into my eyes and I played that shy kid on the playground bit as I looked down at my feet and fiddled with invisible dirt with a huge smile on my face and that was when, I WOKE UP..................................................

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