Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Saggi Jewelry | Wear the Mystique

PhotobucketSAGGI Jewelry is a European house that embodies the elegant blend of opposites—classical heritage in harmony with modern sophistication, overt style in fusion with mysterious beauty—carefully manifested in a collection that ranges from vintage to contemporary, from classical to romantic. Founded by David Wenger Perrin, scion of the venerable Wencia House of Europe, SAGGI Jewelry endeavors to preserve and expand the centuries-old legacy of crafting exquisite jewelry of impeccable quality.SAGGI offers trend-setting jewelry that is also easy to wear, luxurious yet affordable at the same time. These pieces appeal to everyone—whether to those who seek formal, classic elegance in their accessories or to those who prefer more trendy and contemporary styles. SAGGI recently introduced a new collection of luxury volumetric rings that are sure to catch your eye. A focal point of each piece is a massive, semi-precious stone, framed with gold ornament and loose of diamonds. However, this is only the outer shell under which lies a miniature jewelry composition.

For example, hidden heart can be seen by clicking the button from the Yakut emerald of reach green color. And the owner of this beautiful luxury jewelry can replace miniature and get a new beautiful ring. The rings are made of yellow and white gold 750-carat, decorated with 25 carat blue-London Blue and Swiss Blue topaz, Rauch-topaz and amethyst, surrounded by 156 diamonds. Miniatures are made of gold, decorated with colored enamel, diamonds (black, white and “champagne”), rubies, and sapphires.PhotobucketThese unusually exquisite designs that David Wenger Perrin makes are the result of the Big Idea behind SAGGI branding—to create a mysterious aura for the person wearing them… for it is this mystery that creates the lasting positive impression of the wearer.PhotobucketSAGGI Jewelry is dedicated to the person who intends to live life to the fullest but keeps calculated risks… to the one who dares yet could muster the grace to let his or her inner character speak first… to the bold yet noble, beautiful spirit that is unique in everyone.Photobucket

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