Tuesday, January 4, 2011



My First App Review Post, Well Not Much Of A review I Just think its Cool An What Not. Pretty Trippy Its Cool When Your Outside Or Walking In Public, really Trippy experience.

I give it ***** << (5 stars) not to mention its free!!

"The makers of RjDj describe it as a “mind twisting hearing sensation”. Connect your headphones and choose between several different ‘scenes’ created by different musicians. Each scene reacts to sounds picked up via the microphone of your iPhone to create or influence what you hear. In other words, the sounds around you are analysed, mixed and mashed, twisted, effected, looped and echoed in such a way that ambient noise becomes weird and wonderful music. You can hum and clap to add to the composition and record your mind-bending tracks to listen to at a later time. There is a free ‘Single’ version with only one scene available to play with. Highly addictive."


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